What is Liverpool?

Liverpool is the sound of an ice cream van at midnight
It’s a bomb of colour at sunset
It’s Rapunzel with broken nails
It’s a drumkit at a sociology office

It’s a pirate rock band made of public officers
A song with your unknown driver
A kebab amongst filmmakers

It’s a rants amongst strangers
Bad food in good company`
Warpaint to party hard

It’s a kingdom of wild cats
Princeling rubbish bins
Animal fruits

It’s two birds, the size of buses
And many buses, to oblivion

Liverpool is a river that dreams the sea
An ocean that dreams the city
A city that dreams you, and punches you, and revolts you,
and entraps you, and makes you a slave

Liverpool is a dreamspace that makes you a slave of its beauty,
its tackiness, its dirt, its excess and its truth.