At first sight, the dark palatial East Slovak Museum looks like yet another musty & old-fashioned chant to a bygone era, unatractively cluttered with precious objects and full of unreadable labels typed back in the 1950s…

On closer inspection, and after some minutes being absorbed by the alergy-inducing rarefied air, you realise this museum is inhabited by a truly memorable family of creatures… the Orangy-Leather Chair Clan, dedicated, if you pay them attention, to give you directions in no uncertain terms.

Don’t go upIMG_1982 Don’t go downIMG_1976 Careful, the door
Don’t touch the radiatorIMG_1981 Don’t go through these doorsIMG_1980

Mmm… not sure about this one but, probably

Don’t open the window (code for: don’t jump!!)


I was on my own throughout the endless corridors and tomb-like rooms… but these bossy chairs didn’t allow me to feel alone for one second. It felt impertinent on their part, at first. But you can guess a dry wink here and there. I think they meant well.

The Leathery Chair Clan deserve a badge of honour as the true & relentless guardians, chaperons and champions for this long-suffering, nostalgic and true-to-form Museum.