<<Thoughts & Poem to the End of Summer>>

Perfection is easy and impossible

… In the beach. Trying to find an angle for the sunset. Found. But then.
The sewer, the smell of the sewer < La Riera > takes over a bit. Takes over a lot.

The sea. The water. Wild waves drinking lazy waste.
Pink appearing. Extraordinary sight. Extraordinary stench.

I should walk a bit further. But I can’t get away.

Summer coming to an end. Mi verano, acabando.
Este encuentro transforma mi momento

Me apetece crear un poema para ella

.  .  .

Verano acabado
Verano acabando
Verano enterrándose
Trozo a trozo
Fleco a fleco
Manga a manga
De verano.

En la arena
Algodón turquesa
Eso es lo que queda
De mi verano.

Dos mil
Un nudo
En ropa

.  .  .