What will others applaud you for?

Women have for long been educated to assume that, to be truly liked (and get far) they better obey.

To get what you want, seduce.

Don’t be assertive. Don’t exude authority.
Don’t be too confident.
Never show that you know where you are going.
Never reveal that you know what you want.
Never be threatening. Never be firm.

Be soft. Be pliable. Be pleased to please.”

One day I decided I would stop tiptoeing.
I took some loud steps right into the centre of the stage.
I chose to dress big and wear only things that laugh, dance & scream.
I stopped saying ‘if you do not mind…’ or ‘I believe you might agree that…’.

I said: This is the way it is.
I said: No.
I said: Yes.
I thought: I know better [than you].

The volume of meaningless social media likes reduced.
The variety of affable colleagues shrinked.
I got less anonymous love and a few more valuable conversations (infrequently).

A few months ensued, sleeping badly.
Then one morning I woke up.
And I felt I was exactly
where I wanted to be.

* Artwork Credit: ‘Pliures’ by Agnès Geoffray