staircase-2A soft blur in black and white, (her face.)
A firm pout.
The hair, held high.

A staircase [rotates].
Extravagant picture frames, climb the walls.

A necklace [bites skin].
Delicate china, tingles,
behind glass boxes.

Her hand, majestic,
rests over the banister.

Small feet, live (trapped)
inside uncomfortable satin slippers, [with pom-poms].

Fiery eyes
under heavy eyelashes
burn, intense ;
a rainbow of fury, in black and white.


In black and white,
that’s how I prefer
life’s melodramas.

In long gowns,
in large houses ;
an impossibly outlandish set.

There is something terribly true
about all of this nonsense,
this perfectly coiffed hyperbole.

I will always fall for it. Her.
For the perfect monochrome idea, of her.

Take over and reign. Irresistible,