Version 2

How do you write a black hole ?
How do you draw it, in words?


 I cannot write about it
I keep failing
I can only get close to it, drawing.

Black ink & charcoal
on crisp white paper.

But, the words…
[oh, no]
I get trapped in clichés

 Is this black hole really black ?
Is it a hole ?
Does it drag me down ? Or up ?


I need this poem.
And yet
I suspect it is all fake.


 The hole
is the expected unfolding to this drama.
Its desired [anti]climax.

Draw it, I try. But…
I keep failing to describe it.

I need angles
Black inky staccatos
Caves & tunnels.


The words,
fail me.

 This is how the hole looks like, I tell myself.
But this is not how it feels.