Researching cloths & masks .:. It’s hard to avoid looking sinister

A skeleton hand (@alexandermcqueen) creeps in over my defiant flowers… The eyes must smile back but, often, they feel like screaming

This need for 🎭 & physical distance is challenging my whole identity. I can only get out there if I’m ready to stop being me and enjoy instead the chance to ‘disfrazarme, enmascararme’ (mask up) & just act.

We must rehearse a different way of moving, of walking, of talking… We must dress up, exaggerate the edges of our pandemic props, become a character.

Theatres are closed but the streets are pure theatre. We wear our shields, our defence weapons and follow the marks on the stage (walk here, stop here). We must live through it and learn a few things.

Hay que disfrazarse, actuar y realizarse como personajes de tragedia.
Sonreír y encontrar también, los acentos (terribles) de comedia