feet becoming leather becoming crust becoming a hard landscape a map of all these years all these roads all these ill advised shoes all of these pilgrimages to nowhere to being lost to escaping and inventing or better reinventing what is around what is inside what is below and everywhere and all of these runs sprints races against time and against the odds against demands that one imposes and follows and rejects and remembers and wants to avoid and hide from but then one returns to because it is all part of the same old big adventure and it is such a dare and such a wonder and it is so beautiful to be seduced by a city and another and it is ever so surprising to look again and realise this is the first time and this place is always new and changing while remaining the same and growing just like one just like me and adapting and embracing and kissing biting my feet that keep walking and racing and dancing along the pavements and the steps and the puddles and the mud that takes you out of the urban and into the absorbing forest and the water and the beach that is here also and is keen to shape and sculpt keep sculpting these feet that are now yes have become ancient creatures with a rugged mind and a body of their own


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